About Us

About Us

Welcome to Top Care Women’s Clinic

Top Care Women’s Clinic is a legal termination of pregnancy clinic that provides services to women who are pregnant and seeking an abortion. We believe in the right of every woman to make their own decision about what is best for themselves and their families. Top Care offers a safe, confidential, affordable alternative to getting an abortion elsewhere.

Our Mission

To provide legal comprehensive reproductive health, specialising in the termination of pregnancy, services to all women in a caring, confidential environment.

Our Clinic

Top Care Women’s Clinic is an efficient, private and professional clinic that offers safe legal termination of pregnancy to all women. Our dedicated team works hard in providing curative services as well preventative measures for your health throughout their life cycle so you can live a happy fulfilling lifestyle without worrying about unexpected pregnancies or reproductive cancers.

We pride ourselves on the high success rate, comfort and confidentiality during the termination process. During your visits, we will take time to talk with you about how you’re feeling and offer counselling, if needed. We also provide a support line for your partner or family should you need them to come along.

Our Locations

We provide both medical and surgical termination of pregnancies at the following facilities in Johannesburg, Gauteng:


Germiston, East Rand

Shop 1, 146 Victoria Str.
Cnr. Victoria & Library Str



Dube, Soweto

2223 Mncube Str.
Office No. 18 2nd Floor
Ekhaya Centre
Dube Village


Randfontein, West Rand

49 B village Str.

Most women do not abort their pregnancies after 13 weeks. Some, because they don’t feel there is a problem with the pregnancy (are yet to present), some are unaware of their gestation, some are scared to go through an abortion due to religious beliefs or other reasons, others simply don’t know where to go.

If the pregnancy is too advanced at the time of presentation for termination, we will manage you (if your notes are complete) but book you for a scan/ultrasound and counselling session in 1-2 weeks. Patients must delay their abortions if at all possible as the later in pregnancy, the higher the costs and more complicated/risky it becomes.

We offer abortions to women who are up to 12 weeks gestation by manual vacuum aspiration (MVA). If you are over 12 weeks, we will perform a D&E (dilation and evacuation) method of abortion.

Legal Service Providers

The clinic is a legal service provider that provides medical procedures and examinations before any surgery or therapy sessions. Qualified nurses staff the physical locations with offices in-room for counselling, examinations and medical procedures.

Our goal isn’t only about providing quality healthcare but also making sure you’re getting appropriate treatment tailored specifically toward addressing all aspects related to a patient’s case.

Our services are completely private, confidential and personal!

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